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1. firm
Conducting IT projects on behalf of industry and national and supranational institutions in the Benelux and a number of other countries, Dokumenta's inventive and dedicated people create value for the customer.
Apart from generic consultancy, engineering and training, the company offers a number of products along with the corresponding integration services.
The company was founded in 1990 and is certified according to ISO 9001.
2. products
The AMS - Advanced Messaging Security product family addresses the concerns of today's security-conscious companies. Using AMS products, companies implement their messaging security according to their corporate policy, i.e. enabling, supporting or enforcing messaging security.

extends the dual control principle ("double signature") to electronic messages and, thus, addresses the concerns of today's security-conscious companies. When an in-house originator fires a sensitive message e·Guard prevents this message from leaving the company unless explicitly authorized by the signatories in charge.
is of special interest to companies for which responsiveness is crucial by guaranteeing that urgent incoming messages are delivered and handled on time. When an important, i.e. business-critical, e-mail or fax message arrives, staff members are notified and e·MIM makes sure that one of them actually attends to the message.
is a central, easy-to-administer crypting server for e-mail messages. With e·Crypt, staff members send and receive encrypted and signed e-mail messages without having to bother with the niceties of cryptography. Certificates are managed centrally and any message processing such as crypting and signing, signature validation, etc. is automatically done on the server.
enables confidential messages to be exchanged with partners who do not use S/MIME, PGP or similar cryptographic techniques. The external partner can access the messages via secure Web links (SSL encryption protocol) using a standard browser and can react/reply using the same communication channel.
is a Web traffic monitoring tool. It enables Web sessions to be recorded and replayed. It can be used to monitor staff members surfing the Internet (even in https mode) as well as access from the outside to the company's Web site. Web sessions can be completely replayed (including data) even if the associated Web pages have since been modified.

As an authorized value added reseller, Dokumenta sells, installs, integrates and supports Fenestrae's Faxination fax, SMS and MMS messaging solutions. Fenestrae Communication Server connects people, applications, and trading partners in real time. For more detailed information, please contact us.

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